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Is Kikkoman Soy Sauce Vegan-Friendly?

Wouldn’t it be great if Kikkoman’s Soy Sauce was vegan-friendly? You could add it to that cold rice in the fridge to make the perfect fried rice for you and your family. Or maybe it could be just what your sauce is missing from your meatless “meatloaf” masterpiece. Either way, the versatility of Kikkoman’s soy sauce would be a great help in the kitchen. So, is it vegan-friendly? Continue reading to find out.

Is Kikkoman Soy Sauce Vegan?

The answer is: Yes

Kikkoman Soy is made from four ingredients, none of which are sourced from animal ingredients. The ingredients are: Water, Soybeans, Wheat, Salt

Why is Kikkoman Soy Sauce Vegan?

Kikkoman Soy Sauce has no animal ingredients from animal sources. In fact, it is largely plant-based. It is made from soybean which can provide a lot of health benefits given you don’t have a soy allergy.

Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce
Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce

Good Source of Protein

This is great news for vegans! Soybeans contain all nine essential amino acids that we need for our bodies. This makes it a great alternative for animal protein from beef, chicken, and any other meat. So take out a serving of these to make perfect meat substitutes in your meals.

It’s Fatty

Hold on. Don’t click out of this web page just yet. We’re talking about the good fats. The ones your body needs like omega 6 and omega 3. Vegans can’t get these from fish as other people do, so we welcome the substitute for our diet.

Sodium in Soy Sauce

While the soybean portion of the sauce is perfect, the salt is concerning and shouldn’t be a frequent visitor to your dinner table. One tablespoon of the Kikkoman’s Soy Sauce gives you 920mg of sodium. This gives you almost 50% of the daily sodium intake that is recommended by the American Heart Association. A diet high in sodium can cause heart diseases, hypertension, and stroke.

If you want your soy health benefits, it’s best to get it from foods like tofu, soymilk, or edamame, the less processed the soy, the better.


Kikkoman Soy Sauce is vegan-friendly. It contains no animal-sourced ingredients, so it is suitable for a vegan diet. However, be very careful of how much you have as one teaspoon can account for almost half of the amount of sodium you really should be eating per day. 

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