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Is Hennessy Vegan-friendly?

Alcoholic drinks may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of vegan-friendly beverages. But as more people make healthier and more consumer-conscious choices, the market for vegan-friendly alcohol has started to snowball, leaving people wondering whether older companies have options for their vegan customers.

Perhaps one of the most popular old companies is Hennesy, a cognac distillery founded in 1765. The Hennesy cognac has become a signature of high-quality alcohol and sophisticated gatherings, as well as a preferred option for those looking to enjoy a lovely evening with friends or family. If you are interested in Hennesy, chances are you have wondered if the drink is vegan-friendly. Well, let’s find out. 

Is Hennessy Vegan-Friendly? 

The answer is: YES

Believe it or not, Hennesy cognac is vegan-friendly. The distillery confirmed this after various customers sent personal inquiries regarding the nature of the drink. While alcohol can not be considered a nutritional or healthy option (especially not when consumed in large quantities), Hennesy cognac does not include animal-based products nor involves animal cruelty in any way. Now, why exactly is Hennesy vegan-friendly? 

Why is Hennessy Vegan Friendly?

The main issue with alcohol brands is the use of non-vegan ingredients or products in their production. Many beverages might use white or brown sugar in their drinks, which could have been bleached with bone char. Others include dairy products or animal-based filters to make their goods. This is not the case with Hennesy. The company is said only to use vegetable-based options during their cognac production.

One thing that’s important to note is that although Hennesy cognac is vegan, that does not mean it’s healthy for you. Alcohol has many adverse side effects that are important to keep in mind, and moderation when consuming it’s always advisable.

How Cognac is Made?

Inside Hennessy | How Cognac is Made?

Final Thoughts

Hennesy cognac is an iconic and beloved alcoholic drink that multiple generations have consumed over the last two hundred years. If you are a cognac enthusiast, you will be happy to know Hennesy is one hundred percent vegan.

During its production, the drink does not come into contact with any animal-based substances. Still, we recommend consuming alcohol with fair moderation, as drinking too much alcohol (Regardless of its vegan nature) can be incredibly bad for your health. 

For more information head over to the official website: https://www.hennessy.com/en-int

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