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Is Halo Top Ice Cream Vegan-Friendly?

Ice-Cream is that guilty pleasure that Halo Top offers in over twenty flavors. Before indulging, take a minute to find out if it is vegan-friendly. The creamy treat is perfect for an after-dinner dessert and a quick way to beat the heat in the summer. The diverse flavors leave a little something for everyone to enjoy. But is the “Halo” in Halo Top all that it should be on a vegan diet? Continue reading to find out. 

Is Halo Top Ice Cream Vegan?

The answer is: No

Unfortunately, the Halo Top ice cream brand is not vegan-friendly as all the flavors contain animal products such as milk and eggs. Some of the flavors also contain honey and natural flavors. Three of the flavors also contain palm oil which exposes animals to cruelty. 

What is Halo Top Ice Crean Made Of?

The ingredients for Halo Top Maple Pecan: Milk Ingredients, Eggs, Maple Base (Sugar, Water, Flavours, Corn Starch, Cooking Molasses, Maple Syrup), Milk Protein Concentrate, Erythritol, Organic Cane Sugar, Maltodextrin (Fibre), Caramel Swirl (Sugar, Corn Syrup, Skim Milk, Butter, Salt, Flavour, Sodium Alginate, Sunflower Lecithin), Vegetable Glycerine, Roasted Pecans (Pecans, Coconut Oil, Salt), Whey Protein Concentrate, Gum Arabic, Sea Salt, Flavour, Organic Carob Bean Gum, Organic Guar Gum, Organic Stevia Extract.

Other ingredient for other flavors of Halo Top can be found the Halo Top Website.

Why Is Halo Top Ice-Cream Not Vegan-Friendly?

Halo Top Ice Cream is not vegan-friendly because it contains products that are animal-sourced. 

There are wide variations of milk in the Halo Top Ice Cream including:

Milk: Milk is not vegan-friendly as it is sourced from animals. Milk is also included in the Caramel swirl ingredient. As milk is found in all the Halo Top Ice Cream, flavors, none of them are vegan-friendly.

  • Eggs: Eggs are mainly sourced from chickens. They are not fit for a vegan diet.  
  • Whey: This is the liquid substance that remains after milk is processed into cheese. It is not vegan friendly as milk is taken from cows, goats, and other animals. 
  • Cream:  Cream is the higher layer of fat taken from the top of unhomogenized milk. As it is a by-product of milk, it is not vegan-friendly. 
  • Honey: Honey is made from a mixture of plant nectar and enzymes within the bodies of bees. It is a by-product of bees which makes it unsuitable for vegans.
  • Palm Oil: Palm Oil is vegan- friendly, however, there are ethical concerns with regards to the way it is harvested. The production has displaced many animals from their natural habitat. Three flavors that include this ingredient are: S’mores, Pumpkin Pie, and Butter Tart. 
  • Natural Flavors: Most of the Halo Top flavors contain Natural Flavors. Natural Flavors can either be made from animal-based products or plant-based products. The uncertainty is enough for strict vegans to avoid the ingredient completely. Halo Top has not commented however on whether it is animal-sourced. 

Final Thoughts

Halo Top is not vegan-friendly as many of the ingredients are sourced from animals. It is not suitable for vegans. All of the flavors contain eggs and milk derivatives while many of them contain ingredients such as honey and cream. It would be best to skip this as your choice of delectable desserts. 

For more information head over to: https://halotop.com

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