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Is Crisco Vegan-Friendly?

What you should know about Crisco: Is It vegan-friendly?

Crisco is an American brand of shortening produced by B&G Foods. Introduced in June 1911 by Procter & Gamble, Crisco was the first shortening to be made entirely of vegetable oil (cottonseed).

WTF is shortening?

Crisco is a good butter substitute and perfect for making flaky pastry, cakes, cookies and frosting.

So, you are probably wondering if Crisco is vegan-friendly. Let us find out…

Is Crisco shortening vegan-friendly?

The answer is: No

Believe it or not, Crisco is not vegan-friendly. Crisco vegetable shortening ingredients include palm oil, soybean oil, mono and diglycerides, citric acid, and TBHQ. Whereas palm oil is a vegetable and ideally vegan, most people who follow the vegan diet disagree. 

What is Crisco made of?

Crisco Shortening Ingredients

Soybean Oil, Fully Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Palm Oil, Mono And Diglycerides, TBHQ And Citric Acid (Antioxidants).

Why is Crisco not vegan?

Crisco contains palm oil which is considered non-vegan friendly. The success of palm oil production requires clearing large portions of land for its growth and high yields. 

Palm oil plantations produce a high volume of methane gas which contributes to the global warming pandemic. The results are the extinction of animal species from the affected areas and environmental damage caused by cutting down trees.  

Crisco Shortening

Vegans believe the extraction of palm oil causes pain and suffering to animals. The production of palm oil is associated with bad environmental practices. It has led to massive deforestation in Africa, Asia, and America.


Whereas Crisco does not contain any form of animal fat or lard, palm oil disqualifies it from being vegan friendly.

Final Thoughts

A vegan diet is considered cruelty-free. It avoids all kinds of animal products such as meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs. Also, vegans are environmentally aware and don’t consume foods from places that face harm. Sadly, Crisco is not vegan-friendly. However, coconut oil is a good substitute for Crisco. It has a similar texture and is vegan-friendly.

For more information on Crisco, visit the official website here.

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