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Are Udon Noodles Vegan-Friendly?

Are you wondering if noodles are vegan-friendly?

Udon noodles are thick noodles made of wheat flour. It originated in Japan and is the thickest of all Japanese noodles. The noodles can be served both hot and cold. Hot noodles are normally enjoyed in the winter while cold noodles are eaten in the summer.

Even though this dish originated in Japan, it is enjoyed throughout the world. The taste, ease of preparation, and the different ways that it can be cooked are what makes this dish so famous. Now vegans are wondering, “Are Udon Noodles vegan-friendly?” Continue reading to find out. 

Are Udon Noodles Vegan-Friendly?

The answer is: Yes

Vegans everywhere can enjoy these thick noodles with peace of mind. Udon Noodles are not made with animal products.

Why Are Udon Noodles Vegan-Friendly?

The ingredients are simple and straightforward: wheat flour, water, and salt. It is also made with brown rice. It is one of the few types of noodles that don’t contain eggs.

Udon Noodles makes a healthy addition to your diet. The complex carbohydrates in wheat flour help to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Dr. Axe suggests that it’s better to have meals with Udon Noodles than cereals if you want to achieve weight loss or control blood sugar levels. 

When the noodles are made with brown rice, they are a good source of non-animal protein. One serving of noodles carries 7.3 grams of protein. This means you’ve received at least one-eighth of your prescribed protein intake from just one serving. 

Speaking of the brown rice alternative, it is the perfect way for the gluten intolerant to enjoy its health benefits. Most shops that cook udon noodles offer a gluten-free alternative. This makes it safe for people with autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis to have a bowl of swirly goodness. 

Everything should be eaten in moderation. As awesome as Udon noodles turn out to be, having too much can pose health risks as well. Remember, one of the few ingredients in the noodles is salt. The CDC has confirmed a strong link between sodium levels and blood pressure. 

Final Thoughts

Udon Noodles seem to be the hero of the day for vegans. Not only is it vegan friendly but it can be included in many diets to add balance and improve health. So go to your nearest Udon Shop and have a bowl! Your health will thank you for it.

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