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Are Lifesavers Vegan-Friendly?

Lifesavers can be that sweet treat you need for your day but you first need to know if they are vegan-friendly. Lifesavers are ring-shaped hard and soft candies that come in both mint and fruit flavors. Its convenient packaging makes it easy to walk around with a pack in your purse or back pocket. But is it convenient for a vegan diet? Continue reading to find out. 

Are Lifesavers Candy Vegan?

The answer is: Yes

Lifesavers have no listed animal products among their ingredients. They do however have natural flavors listed which are sometimes not vegan-friendly. They also have ingredients like artificial colors that expose animals to cruelty. Some variations of the candy such as Lifesavers Gummies are not vegan friendly as it contains gelatin. 

Lifesavers Ingredients

Lifesavers are made from the following ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Colors (Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1).

Why Are Lifesavers Vegan-Friendly?

LifeSavers Candy

LifeSavers have no listed ingredients that are sourced from animals. This makes it suitable for vegans to eat. However, it does contain natural flavors. Natural flavors can be made from either animal or plant sources. Wrigley’s the division under Mars that manufactures Lifesavers have not disclosed which of the sources they use. For some vegans though, this uncertainty is enough to avoid having products with natural flavors as an ingredient. 

Artificial colors such as Red40 and Yellow5 are ingredients that expose animals to cruelty. Although they are not sourced from animals, there is a requirement made by the FDA that these artificial colors have to be tested before being approved for humans to eat. These tests are done on animals which are later euthanized as some of these tests cause fatal side effects. Vegans who are concerned with the welfare of animals should avoid products containing this ingredient. 

Artificial flavors have to be initially tested before they can enter the approved list of artificial flavors that companies can include in their products. These tests are also done on animals who are later euthanized. 

The Butter Rum flavor from Lifesavers Hard Candies has palm oil as an ingredient. Palm oil is vegan-friendly but is generally not ethically sourced. The mass production of palm oil has caused deforestation in many tropical areas. This causes the natural habitats for many animals to be disturbed, leaving them homeless. This ingredient is often avoided by vegans that support animal welfare. 

Lifesavers Gummies are not vegan-friendly as they contain gelatin. Gelatin is made from boiling the bones, tissues, and ligaments of animals. As this ingredient is sourced from animals, it is not suitable for vegans. 

Final Thoughts

Lifesavers may not be able to save your life but they can certainly rescue you from that sweet tooth. There are no animal-sourced ingredients in the hard candies but steer clear of the gummies as they contain gelatin. Also if you’re concerned about palm oil production then all you have to do is avoid the Butter Rum Flavor.

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