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Are Bugles Vegan-Friendly?

If you’re wondering whether Bugles are vegan-friendly then you’ve come to the right place.

Bugles corn snacks have been the favorite crunchy pastime of many, and is available in the following core flavors:

  • Original
  • Nacho Cheese
  • Caramel
  • Ranch
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter

The convenient size makes it an ideal snack to pack in a lunch bag for the kids or even drop it into your purse for a pick-me-up treat during the day. Either way, the question still remains. Are Bugles vegan-friendly? Continue reading to find out. 

Are Bugles Vegan-Friendly?

The answer is: Yes (Original Bugles Only)

The Original Bugles flavors are vegan-friendly as they have no animal-sourced ingredients.

The other cores flavors such as Nacho Cheese, Caramel, Ranch are not vegan-friendly.

What Are Bugles Made Out Of?

Original Bugles are made from the following ingredients: Degermed Yellow Corn Meal, Coconut Oil and/or Palm Kernel Oil, Sugar, Salt, Baking Soda. Freshness Preserved by BHT.

Why Are Bugles Vegan-Friendly?

Original Bugles is vegan-friendly because all of the ingredients are free from animal sources.  

However, the ingredients in Ranch, Nacho Cheese, and Caramel variety include animal products such as milk derivatives like dried sour cream, whey powder, buttermilk powder, butter, cheddar cheese, and modified Romano cheese. 

These ingredients are taken from animals, largely, cows which mean they are not vegan friendly. So, they are not suitable for vegans and should therefore be avoided.

Bugles also contain palm oil which is vegan-friendly as it has no animal products but exposes animals to cruelty. The mass production of palm oil in several tropical areas has caused severe deforestation as they make room for palm plantations. Animals are effectively chased from their homes because these plantations destroy their natural habitats. 

General Mills, the owner of Bugles has assured though that as a member of the Roundtable on Sourcing Palm Oil, 100% of the palm oil they use is taken from responsible or sustainable sources. This means that their palm oil is sourced from areas that have not affected the ecosystem through palm production.

Final Thoughts

Bugles are a great snack choice for vegans, as long as you keep to the Original Bugles you should be OK. Always check the ingredients label for ingredients that are not vegan. General Mills, are a part of the fight for sustainably sourced palm oil, giving our animals more of a chance to live the life they were meant to.

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